Weekend Snapshot: Special Day

This is for my Weekend Snapshot. It was a day for me and hubby but since it was raining yesterday, our plan to bring CT with us this afternoon was postponed probably tomorrow when we can just go malling. We decided to go out in the evening just the two of us and have a food trip by ourselves. A reader in our Davao Food Trip blog suggested Boyds in Obrero near Wheels and More which we should try out. So we went there even if it was raining and even if I was kind of sleepy coz of the weather but first we dropped by KFC in GMall to buy 4 mashed potatoes for CT. My when we got to Boyd’s it was close. So was the establishments across in Wheels and More. Anyway it is Sunday so they are close. Plus it is a few days before payday so people have no money yet and business is slow. So plan B was to go to either Coco’s Grill in Torres or Tata Benito’s new branch in J.P. Laurel Avenue. So I opted for Tata Benito’s a whole LATTE love coffee shop as I was craving for their creamy carbonara. I’ll try to post other photos but for now this is me!

Sleepy but happy me on my day! Thanks hubby for the treat! :)

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2 Responses

  1. gel marcial

    2008 Apr 16 1

    thanks tere =)

  2. jennyr

    2008 Apr 17 2

    uy…very pretty! now i see the face behind this blog! will link u up in my domains…di na kse pwde sa bravejournal…

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