Customer Service at Power Station – Davao

We happened to pass by this Power Station when we were at Gaisano Mall Davao looking for a tripod and at the same time a 4GB SD card for our Nikon D60. This seems to be a sophisticated place and we were expecting good customer service basing on how this place looks. So we entered and went straight to the left side where they had a display of memory cards and batteries. Then one of the female sales lady saw us and asked “Yes Maam?” Okay fine with that. Then hubby asked if they have a high speed SD card. And the sales lady immediately pointed out to their MICRO SD CARD and said “Mao man ni amo SD card” (These are our SD cards). I am no expert in these sort of things, he is, but since we just came from another store there, I know what we are looking for. She might be confused of what we were really looking for. So he told the saleslady again that we were looking for a high speed SD card not a MICRO SD card which needs an adapter. At that point, we looked at each other both knowing she does not know nor understand what we are looking for. That would have been fine but what is not fine is the tone of her voice she used at us that was somehow sarcastic or rather something that she should not use when addressing their customers coz for me it seems that she is trying to tell us that there is no such thing as a SD card. She then asked “Asa diay na ninyo gamiton?” (Where will you use that?). Oh my please be pleasant and will you avoid playing with your hair when you’re in front of a customer. We both told her it’s for our DSLR (Nikon D60) and we hope she knows what that is. And just when we thought she finally got what we were looking for, she moved a few steps and pointed us to their display of MINI-SD cards. Oh my, I took hubby’s hand, looked at him smiling, stopping my mouth from saying anything and we said “Okay thanks” and we decided that we just have to leave Power Station. I hope the management would somehow check on their sales staff. Though this might be an isolated case but hey I expected something better or perhaps a knowledgeable staff to entertain us. If this had been in the side walk or in the market or somewhere else, fine I would understand. But still it would drive away customers.

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2 Responses

  1. butchay

    2008 Apr 29 1

    bad customer service gyud na diha, just go to where you bought your camera at camera haus SM its better there.

    butchays last blog post..Comfy Beddings

  2. Jean

    2010 Jan 27 2

    Oh, really =( that ain’t good. Cus Ya know, old staff at that company are nice people, cus I am an employee there years ago.

    Too bad, must forgot the rules and regulations. Be nice to customer. =) Hehehe

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