And yet we just came from another food trip to La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant located at Quirino Avenue near BDO. Finally since we have been wanting to have a food trip there since but was always postponed. This afternoon after we finished doing all the laundry, I had a fever and we already planned to watch Iron Man at NCCC Mall cinema at 3PM then go to People’s Park after to take photos since the photo shoot with FPS City Streaks last May 1 there was cut short because of the rain then have a food trip after. H gave me a sort of sponge bath and after taking a paracetamol, I was able to feel better. I would not ruin the plan since I was just at home over the weekend (which was why I said I was under house arrest hehehe). So I got up, we dressed up and took off hoping to catch the late afternoon sun at People’s Park but anyway, H and I took photos on our own, he used the Nikon D60 DSLR since he is far better with taking shots at night and I was loyal to our Canon A710IS. I will share photo of that in another later post when I have time to upload the photos.

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Going back to our food trip, I had as expected ordered and tried out their own Italian version of carbonara. It was not as yellow as I heard it was. I was also given an option to chose what pasta I like. Since I like carbonara using the fettuccine which was my original idea of what carbonara is so that is what I told the waitress and here it is! However when it comes to its Italian taste, I have to say that though it passed the standards of my taste buds, I would still chose the carbonara of Tata Benito’s or Pizza Hut’s. I prefer the more sweet taste coz the one I had a taste of fried garlic or something which I honestly do not like. But nevertheless, I enjoyed eating it for the experience and it was still delicious in its own way. Their serving is big at P195 which I think is already good for two people coz we were not even able to consume it as we were already full. We also had pizza. Of course , we had to try out their pizza as it is a pizzerria after all and we had Italian Volcano which was recommended by their waitress as their best seller among their pizza. We wanted to see for ourselves if we would like theirs compared to Picobello which people prefer more. And that is another story. We were so full and I think I ruined my diet once again. I am getting bigger again and looking at one of the stolen shot H had of me while I was taking a photo of a flower at the park made me think that I might just have to check at that Phentermine 37.5 mg which my online friend was talking about, just in case I need it. If you wanna read more of our food trip and see more photos of La Toscana, check out our Davao Food trip blog!

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2 Responses

  1. irish

    2008 May 08 1

    wow, going on a foodtrip is one of the best ways people can bond. :) but, you could have rested since you were not feeling better. :)

  2. carl quema

    2009 Jul 20 2

    no other way to contact you. sorry for this post.

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