Happy and Blessed

I feel happy and blessed right now coz after more than a month I was able to grab a blessing and made moolah out of it here. Plus someone told me that my other blog Journey in Life is still among the top ten (10) sites that people go to in I.PH as of May 19, 2008 traffic rank and details of Alexa.com. It is now ranked number 5 actually hehehe.Where people go in I.ph as of May19, 2008 - Alexa.com I am just happy to share this that’s all. That is good news enough for me to make me feel happy and blessed right now when I feel a little sick and tired. God is good!

Thank you for all those who come by my blogs and visit them! It really means a lot to me especially those who leave nice and positive comments! Sorry though that I cannot reply back as often as I would want to since I am a busy mom too and there are lot of things to do with so much little time. But thank you all! GOD BLESS YOU!!! :)

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