Are You Afraid?

1. Are you afraid of the ‘elements’ (floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) that affect the region of the country that you live in? Why/why not? Are you prepared at all if something happens?
>> I am afraid if these “elements” do endanger my family and loved ones. I think no one can be really be prepared for such things. The best we can do is pray hard that they won’t happen to any of us especially our loved ones and my family.

2. What about the price of everything costing more these days? Does it scare you? Why/why not? Are you doing anything to cover yourself?
>> It does not scare me but the word that would best describe is it shocks me and I feel hopeless for I can never control price increase. The measures we have taken is to lessen our food trip and eating out often like before; we commute instead of riding in a taxi but when we are many, it seems reasonable enough to ride a taxi; I do not shop for clothes or any unnecessary things; we have lessened our grocery so no more “wants” in the grocery list only “needs” especially of our baby CT; we stay in the house and lessen going out and if we go to the mall, we only window shop – no more actual shopping, or just do the grocery; back to basics I think that is what we do and I think it does help us stretch the budget.

3. Are you afraid to die? Why/why not?
>> I think I can say I am afraid to die in the sense that I still wanna be there for my H and CT and I do not want to be physically separated from them coz I know they still need me and I need them too and more than that I love them so much whatever happens.

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