Water Splash in the Flooded Street

Last Monday, I woke up hearing the street outside seem busy. Hmmm it rained the day before and the night before. I did not know it rained hard at dawn last Monday that caused this street to flood. H went home an hour late because he got stranded in the city. He had texted me earlier that he will be home later than the usual time he comes home and I have heard from the radio then that part of the city was indeed flooded. Well when he arrived home we thought we might check out the streets and take shots of some of the action going on this flooded street using our new 70-300mm Nikon lens.

Well we happen to see this biker probably on his way to work, looking at this red car driving past him while splashing water and most probably he got a little wet from this. I was thinking the biker if he could only say to the driver “Slow down and do not splash that water on me!”

Photo Hunt: water splash on biker in the flooded street

And this water splash from a speeding Maligaya Taxi on the flooded street. Upon seeing him driving fast, I have to secure the Nikon D60 and the new lens from getting wet. What could he be thinking in driving fast while the other cars passing by were driving slow because of the water? Maybe he wants to do an instant car wash on the cars passing by. Hmmmm….

Photo Hunt: water splash from speeding Maligaya Taxi on the flooded street

Happy hunting and enjoy your weekend!!!

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4 Responses

  1. gengen

    2008 Jun 21 1

    Oh its terrible for the bickers they became wet. Happy hunting!

    gengens last blog post..Photo Hunters – Water

  2. graham

    2008 Jun 21 2

    great photo’s, well captured! :-)
    view mine if you wish here thanks…

    grahams last blog post..Photohunt – Water!


    2008 Jun 21 3

    Wish we had rains like that. it’s so dry here. Love your captures.

    My ‘water’ theme this week is a road trip along the coastline of South Texas…ending at an historical mansion. Come by for a visit if you can!! Lots of pictures this time…hope you’ll enjoy the history.

  4. SnoopyTheGoon

    2008 Jun 21 4

    Good shots. And yes, some taxi drivers tend to drive like maniacs.
    Have a great weekend!

    SnoopyTheGoons last blog post..Photohunt: Water

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