Friday Fill-ins

1. Birthdays are reasons to celebrate life and another year added to one’s life.

2. Christmas is my favorite season because it is the best time of the year for me.

3. I feel my best when everything is as close as I want things to be and when I am able to help people do better.

4. Pasta is my favorite food!

5. First impressions are starting points to know someone better.

6. The best piece of advice I ever received was to trust God at all times.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting earlier I hope, tomorrow my plans include attending our class with H and Sunday, I want to not miss that dawn PS then attend mass and celebrate the June birthday celebrants in the house!

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  1. Janet

    2008 Jun 28 1

    mmmm, pasta!

    Thanks for playing, enjoy your weekend :-)

    Janets last blog post..Friday Fill-Ins #78

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