“Octi” the Blue Octopus

Octi, the new blue octopus stuff toy of CT

Meet Octi, the new blue octopus stuff toy of CT! :) Last Monday, we brought CT to the mall since it has been quite sometime since we went to SM with CT. We saw this at the SM department store while on our way out from buying dry box for our D60. I just want CT to have another new stuff toy since he seems to have gotten tired and easily bored with Pampi (light-blue elephant stuff toy) and Pooh (pillow bolster that has Pooh’s head but no arms and legs) as he would throw them out of his crib when he does not want to play with them anymore. But I notice too that is what he does when he wants your attention and wants to be picked up from the crib. So Octi would be a new thing to play with and an additional character to our story telling and play time with CT while waiting for daddy H sometimes. CT likes to play “Nose-nose” with Pooh and Pampi. The prob is Octi has no nose with which CT will rub his nose with. So we just had to play with Octi’s tentacles as if he has 8 noses. Octi had his first bath yesterday but even while it is still a little bit wet inside, CT would already want to play with it. We hang Octi back to dry when CT does not play with him anymore. Next time, I want another animal character of a different color for diversity and make it look different.

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  1. Having Fun | Blessings in Life

    2008 Jul 30 1

    […] them throwing in the ball while he in turn throws out the ball from his crib. Pooh the ball and Octi were alternately thrown in and out of CT’s crib. It was almost 11 in the evening when CT […]

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