Sleeping Late

My son CT’s sleeping pattern has changed in the past few days. He sleeps later than usual sometimes as late as ten in the evening. He usually sleeps as early as six in the evening or as late as nine in the evening before. I noticed too his afternoon nap which usually lasts for two hours on the average is usually later in the afternoon. Sometimes I wish he would totally skip his afternoon nap but then again I cannot help it when he is so sleepy already and it is so late in the afternoon.

Well with my son sleeping late and later than when he used to sleep before, my time spent online is also moved to a much later time in the evening and that leaves me waking up in the morning later than usual and if I wake up on my usual time, I would still be very sleepy and I wake up tired and I have to force myself to get up in the morning.

Anyway, it is again late at night now and I just have to look for that life insurance quote my mom asked from me from the insurance company first week of this month which until now I have not given to her. I forgot to send it through my sis when she dropped by here two days ago. I just hope I did not lose that paper otherwise I have to go back to that office.

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