Another Round

My son just woke up from his afternoon nap and he seems tired yet but is the mood for another afternoon of Mr. Bean. Oh my it seems endless and he seems to never get tired of watching the movie. He really likes it and has been watching it over and over for days. The movie isn’t that boring for even if I had seen it myself it is still fun to watch. You just have to like Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson or else you would turn the DVD off. But that would send my two year old son into a protest.

Watching the movie keeps him away from pulling out the furniture and lining them up just like what he does with his toys. That is his fancy lately and he seems serious in putting the furniture in one single line. Watching Mr. Bean Holiday movie also stopped him from going to sit at my lap and wanting to type anything as in anything and he will say “Post Mama!” which would would distract me from my research on something. My sis was the one who asked me to help her research that for her boss. She knows I always have access to the internet and that I am online most of the time. I am now a blogger and researcher eh! Okay gotta go and check my son, he wandered off away from the TV. He must be in his room looking for his toys again.

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