Mongolian Garden Restaurant

Waiting for hubby to wake up so we can have a simple lunch at the Mongolian  Garden Restaurant. I hope he wakes up in a short while so we can still go there otherwise we just have to grab something somewhere or have food delivered from a fast food. We have discovered and loved their buttered chicken and the lil boy likes it too. Plus we like it that there are two playgrounds at Harana which the lil boy likes to play there at the slide.

I can skip eating anyway but the boys need to have lunch. I am progressing little by little in losing weight but if I need to speed it up, the idea of getting the best diet supplements is an option. It has to be the best among the many being sold in the market coz I’ll never want to have a great risk involved. Those reviews and product ratings are helpful too so one has to do some searching and researching before buying one. Now I have to wake up hubby coz it’s almost lunch time. We still have to prepare.

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