Roll It

The holidays are over and the curtain in the living room need to be changed unless we just let it be there for the rest of the year. My sister suggested I roll it and that made me wonder for a few seconds what she meant roll it. She said she learned from one of her officemates who uses… in her house. My sis knows I keep the curtains down almost all the time and lately I said I want to tie the curtains but it leaves a very obvious crease on it that I’d rather not tie them at all. So she said why not use those roller shades instead. These window roller shades dress up your windows, giving you a fun and classy look and I saw they are available at Payless Decor and they are inexpensive yet decorator quality roller shade. I hope I can find them here but probably not so I guess I’ll try to contact one friend and hope she’ll be able to get this for me so I can start rolling it!

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