Free discount prescription cards can really help you cut down on medication costs. If you, or any of your loved ones, have a constant need for prescription medication, you understand how quickly the costs add up. With a free prescription drug card program, Americans can greatly reduce the cost of their prescription drugs. With some plans, you can receive up to 75 percent off of prescription drugs at over 50,000 regional, national, and local pharmacies.

Some companies offering free prescription drug cards allow you to sign-up right online, then give you the opportunity to you print your card so you can begin using it immediately. Other people receive free prescription cards from government services such as Medicare. To obtain these free cards, there might be certain restrictions such as eligibility to meet specific income guidelines or meeting specific criteria in age. A family might obtain a free prescription drug card if they have very young children, or an individual may get one if they are over 65 years of age.

Another way to get the free prescription card is by joining certain organizations. If you already belong to organizations such as FamilyWize or the AARP,  inquire to find out what type of discount prescription cards they offer. You can also ask your local pharmacy if they offer free prescription cards. As you look into using a free discount prescription card to save on costs,  determine whether or not your local pharmacy honors the type of card you own. If it doesn’t, determine whether or not you are willing to switch to another pharmacy that will honor the card. If you order medication online, find out whether or not you are responsible for shipping costs when using your free discount prescription card. Make a list of the medications you currently take to see if they are covered by the free discount prescription card.

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