Mount It

While I was taking my time to rest my back and close my eyes as the lil boy was having a rather long afternoon nap, I suddenly remembered that I should tell hubby to mount the big TV. There are tv stands for standard TV but we already have that. So what I have in mind now is to mount the big LCD TV which the boy tends to plug by himself and turn it on when he likes to. But at least now he has his attention on something else but I don’t want to wait for him to have his attention back at the TV before we choose to mount it instead. It is a better choice too since it will make it impossible for the boy to play with the sensor since he can’t reach it anymore. I am just worried he might get hurt when he plugs the connection at the back which he has learned to do by himself just by looking at what we do. So soon up goes the LCD TV I hope! The concern now is if we find one available. Well we just have to find one in the local store or online. The sooner we mount it the better, right hubby?

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