Shoes for the Boys

I am going to start hunting shoes for the boys. I am particularly going to start window shopping online for shoes for the little boy something good for sports. I tried looking at the shops and stores here but couldn’t find the one that I like for him.

On the other hand, hubby is planning to replace his rubber shoes and I suggested he try looking for merrell shoes which I remember there was a pair of rubber shoes of this brand that he seem to really like before but got something else instead.

Merrell MensMerrell Mens 2Merrell Mens 3

So these shoes might be among my options for a Christmas gift and birthday gift for the hubby. I am sure he will be surprised that is if he does not get to read this though. Anyway, he will be excited I know to have new rubber shoes as gifts. He just bought new sandals yesterday so he might be able to wait for about a couple of months more to have these shoes.

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