I went to sleep last night thankful for the blessings and I woke up more thankful for the additional blessings even if they come little by little. Thank you to my generous friends and people who are not selfish to share their blessings. God bless you more!

I am praying and wishing to be able to save more hopefully out of these blessings. It may be not that big compared to my other friends but I cannot doubt God’s divine providence for people who pray, hope and work hard sacrificing rest and leisure sometimes in order to be productive so as to pave way to more opportunities. Thank you LORD! :)

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  1. Vic

    2010 Oct 24 1

    Hello, I’m touched to encounter children of God who blogs about thankfulness. Thankfulness is a sign of contentment. With your faith and good deeds, surely God will bless you more. Thank your for sharing this post.

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