Shopping for Slipcovers

Taking a very short break from multitasking with work and chores right now, I suddenly remembered I need to do some window shopping for slipcovers. Upon seeing this stretch recliner slipcover made in standard size to fit the most popular types of recliners yesterday, I thought maybe we could also find a new stretch slipcover for our sofa bed perhaps.

I love it that it seems to cling tightly to the contours of the furniture making it look really great. It is actually designed for a smooth fit that will give our furniture a smart and like a brand new look. Our old sofa bed in the living room definitely needs a slipcover so it will look brand new and the sofa in our little boy’s bedroom needs one too to protect it from food stain that the little boy sometimes put on it. I like those covers too since they are wrinkle free and machine washable which is just what I need!

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