Since my mind is on the subject of losing more weight right now with that fatty liver disease or FLD which I am made to be aware of since the start of this year. After reading some articles on it, I am more encouraged and inspired to lose weight more through exercise and proper diet and if that does not work well, the option of weight loss pill that works is an open option that can be considered given one gets to consult the doctor before doing those kind of weight loss measure and option.

Honestly the FLD made hubby and me conscious of how and what we eat. I know a few people who has and had it. It isn’t as easy as how one can say it but we are trying and will keep on trying to avoid it from now on. I have been doing daily exercise on my own aside from the diet since I have read that FLD can be treated with exercise and good diet. I tried to encourage hubby to exercise as well despite his busy work schedule most of the time. Otherwise we got to find ways to lose those fats and stay from from those that may cause FLD.

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