PreSchools in Davao City

As a mom to a preschooler, I have decided to make a post with a list of preschools in Davao City since many people have been asking me for quite sometime. I hope people especially parents wanting to enroll their child in a preschool will find this list helpful. It is not yet a complete list as these are just the ones that I can remember for now. From time to time I will update this one. If you know a preschool in Davao which is not on the list, let me know.

1) Center for Brighter Beginnings (CBB) Davao
2) Tender Years Early Childhood Center Davao
3) Stockbridge International (former Tumble Tots Davao)

4) Precious International School of Davao
5) Values School Davao
6) Manila Montessori Davao
7) Apo Learning Village Davao
8 ) Vines & Branches Montessori School
9) Angels at Work
10) St. Martha’s Day Care & Tutorial Center
11) Abba’s Orchard School
12) Davao Christian High School
13) Ateneo de Davao University
14) Creche Foundation School of Davao

If you want the respective addresses and telephone numbers of some of these schools, click here.  

As with recommendation on which preschool is the best, I suggest that parents should visit the schools themselves and learn the kind of educational system or the school teaching method that they use and you would know which fits your child’s specific needs. Parents should be the one to decide where they feel their child would fit in, adapt and learn more.

Among the tips that I have gathered so far from our preschool hunting more than a year ago, it is also an important thing to consider that you will be able to observe the teachers as to their behavior and background since these preschool teachers are the people that your child will be staying with and seeing most in school aside from their classmates and school mates. You will then be confident and assured that you will be leaving your child in good hands at school.

Try going to trial classes offered by some of these preschools. Being able to observe how teachers and kids interact inside the classroom would be a good chance to observe and have a glimpse of what your child will go through and experience inside the classroom set up.

It is important to take note that these teachers will be the people they will look up to as models and authority in school. They should be naturally happy with kids and are very easy to approach. Knowing that the teachers have the right and proper credentials and background to teach your child will make you feel confident and give you an assurance that you will have the best ally in nurturing and educating your child at his or her young age.

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10 Responses

  1. ghea

    2011 May 14 1

    hi, i came upon your blog through Google coz i’ve been looking for a preschool for my 5 year old nephew to attend. the ones i’ve looked into are really expensive, para kang nagpaaral ng college! can you recommend a nice good school that is priced reasonably? the ones i asked quoted me with tuition & miscellaneous totalling to almost 45k to 50k a year! :( where did you enroll your child? i was considering that preschool in Victoria sana coz my aunt sent my cousin (who has ADHD) there and he learned to read kaagad! too bad that preschool closed :( i’d appreciate your help. Thanks so much!

  2. CharTherCT

    2011 May 14 2

    Some if not most of the preschool rates that we have canvassed before around the city are really quite expensive. Yes more expensive than my whole year tuition in college during my time. I agree with you around that range that you specified. Ganun na ata talaga ang price mostly sa kanila. Yung iba mas mahal pa. However they offer monthly installment terms para di naman mabigatan ang parents in paying the tuition. I could not really recommend a particular school kasi baka for you eh not reasonable naman po ang price. But for us it paid off naman though we would wish we could have this same school for a much lesser tuition sana. :) My own opinion only as to how the child learns in school, it depends on how he absorbs too what the teacher imparts to the child. I would however recommend the Montessori way of teaching for parents who also want their child to develop not only their academic but their whole person and the practical side of life. It is quite different in approach compared to the traditional schools just from what I have observed.

    Have you tried asking from the big schools like UIC or Stella Maris? From what I remember they are more affordable assuming your nephew will be in Kinder 1 (2 yeas in preschool). Stella is particular with the age (even counting the months). That is one factor also that you have to consider pala. Even Ateneo preschool strict din sila sa age cut off.

    There are still more affordable schools that you can find. We found one near McDo Bajada I forgot the name but the location/environment per se is not something I like. They were really affordable as in mura po talaga. I cannot tell how much your nephew will be able to learn. I am not saying too that he will not learn because the tuition is very affordable. There are other schools around the city. I will try to update our list when I have time to check on other preschools. It is up for you to decide if you would like the school for your nephew kasi.

  3. Ghea

    2011 May 16 3


    Thanks for the reply! I’ve also been considering sending my nephew to Ateneo, where we all went, but I’m a little concerned as to the child’s coping skills in dealing with a structured school environment, wherein there would be a higher student-to-teacher ratio. the same thing happened to my younger brother in the past kasi. instead of being sent to “test the waters” at a playschool/preschool, diniretso sya sa Ateneo by my mom. ayun, he wasn’t able to cope and had to repeat a grade. anyhow, children have varied ways of coping din naman and maybe it would be better in my nephew’s case.

    your post has really been very helpful. thanks a lot! :)

  4. CharTherCT

    2011 May 16 4


    You’re welcome! Thanks too for hopping by my post! :) Have you tried inquiring from Vines & Branches (Ruby St. Marfori Heights). It is a Montessori school.

  5. arianna

    2011 Jul 07 5

    hi! like you, i’m a doting mom of 2.10 months old daughter I’ve visited almost all of the preschools in your list, and they were all very good school. I really appreciate their method of teaching and curriculum that they follow. I once sits in the class in one of the school to observe how the children and teachers and doing inside the classroom. But due to a very high cost of tuition fee, though as much as I would love to put my child to this school, I decided not instead, I enrolled her to ANGELS AT WORK here at Obrero, they also follow the Montessori method and incorporate progressive type of teaching. they differ P28,000 on the tuition fee since Abba’s and CBB has total fee of 68,000 per school year, while at Angel at work, is only 40,000 per school year.. and for that I was very thankful that I finally found a school which offers good quality teaching and affordable at the same time..For this, please include in your list the ANGELS AT WORK, MONTESSORI as one of the preschools in davao city..
    thank you.

  6. CharTherCT

    2011 Jul 07 6

    Hello Arianna,

    Thanks for the heads up! I have added Angels at Work to the list. If you know any other preschool not in this list, just let me know. Thanks again! :)

  7. ryzzie

    2011 Oct 05 7

    hi mommies!just want to share this: i sent my daughter too at angels @ work.she spent 2 yrs at this school and i really could say na maganda ang teaching method ng angels @ work.very thorough and natutukan talga ang mga bata considering there were only a max of 12 students in each class, with 2 teachers and 4 or 3 aids i think. i’m giving two thumbs up for this school for the not-so-expensive-montessori-type school.=)

  8. Mary Ann Yap

    2011 Nov 06 8

    thanks for the information. i am a new mom also. I have a 2 year old son and last June 2011 ; after scounting around for a pre school with very good teachers and facilities; I found Tumble Tots International to be the best . The school is really so nice and clean and facilities and rooms are of international standards. I am very particular also about the teachers . I noticed that when I went to other pre schools / their teachers are not even qualified to teach. I like it in Tumble Tots because many of their teachers are masters degree holders in child education. Plus I go for the progressive type of education. Teacher Pat , the senior teacher of the school explained it to me and my husband. They have this wonderful combination that they call smart play + academics. I was told that many of their students started when they were only 6 months old and also many of their students are now honor students in big schools like Ateneo, St Pauls and Stella Maris. I thought it was an expensive school but they are cheaper than the smaller pre schools. I also feel that my child is so safe because of their strict security systems. I am now pregnant with my 2nd child and I will surely make him another Tumble Tots Baby! More Power to Mommies !

  9. Saori Bisares

    2011 Nov 15 9

    Thanks for this post! 😉 I am interested to enroll my child at Tumble Tots. Could anyone give me the price quotation or at least an idea how much would it cost per year? (My child is now 2years & 2 months old and will be 2.9 this June 2012). Thank you so much.. If you have an info, please text me at 09298129889, if it’s not too much to aSk. 😉

  10. CharTherCT

    2011 Nov 15 10

    Hello Saori,

    I am sorry I don’t have that info. If you have free time, you can find their number and other contact info here – Thanks for dropping by! 😉