Scent a Room

A couple of weeks ago while I was in the mall department store home section, I found some wonderful, luxury candles that I know my dear eldest sister would love! It had me thinking then of looking for similar scented candles and scents online.

Then yesterday I found an option in these Winter Scent Diffuser with spicy, zesty combination of cinnamon, clove and fresh orange a winter and Christmas must-have that you can get from The White Company.  It has an improved eco-friendly formula that also gives a stronger scent. I would love to try this and I am sure my eldest sister would love to get this for a Christmas gift. There is still time to shop online but I will let my other elder sister do that.

There are also scented candles that are made hand-poured in the UK which uses high quality, refined material wax that guaranteed your satisfaction if you are also looking for candles to give a wonderful scent in a room. I think my hubby will appreciate the idea of using these scented candles and scent diffuser at home to make it more relaxing and inviting especially this coming Christmas holiday.

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