Nativity Scene at Harana Davao

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This is the life-size Nativity Scene that can be seen in Harana along Torres Street, Davao City. We re-visited Mongolian Garden two days after Christmas day as we craved for our fave buttered chicken that they serve in MG. You would see this upon entering Mongolian Garden.

I think I have taken a photo of this in the past few years but only now have I been able to post it online as far as I remember. This has the baby Jesus present while that in one parish, the image of the baby Jesus is missing to send out a message to the parishioners that Jesus should be inside our hearts and not just in the manger.

Thinking about this nativity scene reminded me that December 28 was Holy Innocents’ Day, a Christian day of solemn memory of male children killed by King Herod in the attempt to kill the infant Jesus.

That day is also called as NiƱos Inocentes. This is being reiterated as a day not to play pranks or jokes on innocent people. Today my friend thought I was making a prank on her when I asked her about confronto prezzi autonoleggio. It was an honest inquiry about car rental price comparison which I know she actually knows of.

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