pianist at the Lobby Lounge Marco Polo Hotel Davao

The Pianist at The Lobby Lounge of Marco Polo Hotel Davao

This is a SOOC shot taken of the pianist who looks like one blogger I know. *Wink* This was a quick shot as we just passed by the lobby lounge on our way home from the little boy’s birthday buffet dinner we had at Cafe Marco.

While waiting for dinner actually since we were more than an hour early then, I already heard him playing songs. Then we went up to the restaurant for dinner but when I wanted to take a shot of him, he was already gone. Then when we went down after dinner, I saw the pianist back at the piano and playing once again. The songs he was playing were really interesting as far as I can remember but I could not remember the title of the songs now anymore. There was one song that made me want to sing along with feelings. Yeah must be the delicious food we ate then that made me feel so good I could cap the night there singing along to his music. *Wink*

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  1. Teresa

    2012 Jan 22 1

    This is a nice shot. Sounds like an enjoyable evening.

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