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Friends over at Facebook were talking about their travel plans this afternoon when an airline had an ongoing affordable yet limited promo air fare offer with travel period for the second half of the year. I was praying for a summer trip but there were no promo fare available already on the dates I was looking into. Perhaps because summer is actually a peak travel season therefore if there were any airfare promos, it has all been taken quickly.

This year my travel plans include going into more nature tripping and other places we have not been to and seen. In the past it was usually in the malls or just within the city where we are going because it was really hard to travel with a little boy and no nanny at that. Good if my youngest sister was with us for she was a great help to us. But now since our boy is not that little anymore, maybe we can travel to other places to explore and have an adventure too.

We just booked for a trip later this year and I made sure that we included travel insurance just as I had read about this rv travel emergency which made me think it is always better safe than sorry. I will start praying that the weather would be great and safe to travel during those travel period we booked for travel.

I wish to book one more cheap and affordable trip this summer just in time for my birthday month. I really hope there would be another “piso fare” so we can really save on the airfare and the whole cost of a family trip. May God bless our travel plans this year, guide and protect us during those times especially that we travel.

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