Another busy week starting today. I tried to call my sister at her office but she was in a meeting same as with a friend of mine who I have not talked to much more seen for a long time. People in the corporate world are almost always busy. I do remember my days when I was still working in the corporate world myself, things can get very busy especially on Monday the first day of the work week.

I have a meeting supposedly to attend to this afternoon but was called off for some other important reason by the person I was supposed to meet. It is for a business opportunity I want to explore. The meeting was postponed next week. I am not sure though with my schedule next week so the other person suggested maybe we can just do something similar to a web video conferencing. It is just a simple meeting done online with the use of video with audio conference with a prospect client of hers. I have never done this kind of web conferencing for what seems like a business meeting but this time done online.

Well with the advanced communication technology that we have these days, we might as well adopt to this ever changing world. I am actually looking forward to that meeting next week. I hope things will work out as I hope they will be. It will be a blessing if it does.

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