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It’s the weekend! Hubby’s off early to work and I did not go back to sleep. I actually wanted to go out and jog but just cannot leave the our darling sleeping in the house of course. So I started looking online instead for one of those name tags magnets I was looking for a couple of days ago. I found these custom engraved personalized name tags, name plates, and office signs from an online supplier and maker of such. They also have those name tag magnets that I was looking for.

It was actually one of my friends who asked a favor if I could recommend any maker of such name tags in the city. I could not think of one so I suggested she search and order online instead. She could find quality made ones. There are even washable name tags in multiple colors that even can have the logo of your business for example. These days it is often easier to look for things that you are looking for online even those name tags.

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