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Getting invitations can makes us excited especially when they are birthday celebrations of friend’s bundle of joy. We got an invitation to the first birthday of a friend’s son. Their first born actually after years of waiting. Such a joy it was when she gave birth almost a year ago knowing what they have been through during the past years of anxiously waiting.

I am excited to shop for 1st birthday gifts for boy and I know I get to have great ideas and choices when I shop online. Another common friend we have has volunteered to shop for me online and I am just going to give her my choice of gift for the darling little boy of our dear friend.I love shopping online for gifts for little ones. I remember those days when I was shopping for stuff for my dear little boys as well. There are a lot of nice and beautiful stuff to give as gifts for boys that I find which could also be personalized gifts as well. That part is what I like best!

I wish hubby would not have work on that special day. I do not want to miss the special occasion. I am also excited as well to personally meet my old friends and some of whom I have not seen in person for such a long time. I can’t wait for next month to come!

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