Temple Run

Temple Run Game on iPad2 iPod Touch

Trying out Temple Run on iPad2… photo taken with old Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Hubby got this game installed in our iPod Touch four days ago. No the little boy does not know about this until now and we don’t plan to let him play it upon the school’s policy on no computer games and internet censorship. Anyway, my first few tries on this game was when we were at the bank waiting while he was processing a renewal for his atm card. I resisted my curiosity to try playing this at home because I don’t want to waste my time. It was fun but could be a waste of my time.

The highest score I got then only was around 13,000 after a few tries. Other people at FB had scores in millions already. I am so good at jumping! Yes jumping out of the way LOL! Game over and run again! It is quite fun. You get to improve as you play on. But I am not playing this at home. Only when I am not in the house and while waiting for something when we are out to make time wasting fun!

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