CT’s new cooking wares! He was really so happy when he saw these kitchen wares that we bought for him last Sunday.

The little guy wanted to have his own non stick pan and pair of kitchen nylon tongs when we recently went shopping for a new non stick grill pan for cooking fish with less or no oil at all instead of baking it in the oven. He has his eyes on this small pan for quite sometime already every time he would pass by that aisle in Robinson’s Supermarket where this was displayed.

He said he will cook “Just like in the Junior MasterChef!” were his exact words that really made me and hubby smile! He must have been inspired greatly by the boys and kids at the Junior MasterChef Australia after watching the show many times with me.

Here is what he cooked with his small, red non stick pan from Chef’s Classics using the new pair of tongs from the K Everyday The Kris Aquino Kitchen Collection

scrambled egg and fried egg cooked using non stick pan and tongs

CT’s fried egg and scrambled egg which he cooked with our supervision standing beside him because we’re using an electric stove. He actually wants to do it all on his own. We’re proud of him and happy that he has interest in cooking even with just eggs for now and cooking other simple re-heating of food.

I was thinking of possibly enrolling him hopefully at Chef Simone’s Gourmet Bites summer workshop for kids but since he just turned five while the youngest in the age bracket was I think 7 or 6 years old. Maybe next summer or we can always do some simple cooking here at home for the meantime until he feels confident to attend a cooking class with less supervision.

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