Sabroso Sunday Food Market 2012 Yellow Hauz Mapa Mabini Davao City

Do check out this Sunday the Sabroso Sunday Food Market at Yellow Hauz Davao. It happens every Sunday and it started last April 15 until May 6 from 3:00PM to 9:00PM at Yellow Hauz located at V. Mapa Street Corner Mabini Street, Davao City. It is organized by April San Pedro with sister Sandy San Pedro and their friend Chiche Alejandre. They also organized the White Christmas Bazaar at Garden Oases in December of 2009.

We went there last Sunday after attending the afternoon mass with hungry tummies. I saw my college classmate Gemma with her hubby Chester. I saw Kenneth Ong. I also happen to meet Zhaun Ortega of Confessions of a Partyphile who was selling cupcakes there. Hubby bought one while I was busy chatting with my friend Gemma and I bought three more which I all enjoyed eating. I like the CUP-puccino, S’mores and pandan flavored cupcake. There was one more that I forgot the name of it. I also loved the cupcake’s icing which is something that I have been craving for weeks now and has been satisfied finally.

We also got to try the bagnet from K Twins Ilocos Empanada. I got a small yet delicious and crispy piece of bagnet for P59 only. Oh what a delicious little treat! Good luck to my diet! There are more food sellers participating and selling cupcakes, pastries, empanadas, salsa, chicken inasal, cheese burgers, paella, salted pork adobo, siomai, kaldereta, carbonara, aligue pasta, kilawing kambing (which was already sold out when we  arrived after one customer reserved all of it! better luck next time dear hubby), whoopi pie (which I will try next time), etc.

Also while you are there, try the new milk tea offerings from Coffee at Yellow Hauz. Hubby had the taro milk tea while the little boy and I tried their Chocolate with Rocksalt and Cheese which we both liked.

I will try to blog more about this in our food trip blog. Life has just been so busy the past few days. For more info about this Sabroso Sunday Food Market call 282 2178 or visit their Facebook page Sabroso Sunday Market.

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  1. Chiche

    2012 May 02 1

    Hi! Glad to hear you enjoy your dining experience in Sabroso! Hope to see you again! :-)

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