Outdoor Fountain

I thought of this colorful, dancing water fountain at the park in the city when my friend asked if I knew where she could canvass for outdoor fountains. This is what i had in mind but what she was looking for was a smaller one that provides the tranquility of a soothing outdoor fountain that will relax you after the stress of a long day. She meant those that we have seen at one of the old department stores here in the city. I have also seen many of those sold online varying from those conventional tiered types to the modern day trendy designs of fountains that are placed outdoors.

The idea of having an outdoor fountain was inspired by a neighbor who once had this one in their home. But after their foreigner visitor left, they moved it someplace else and we have not seen it since. But would you know the we did find soothing sound of flowing water outside very relaxing whenever we would go out. It was like having a natural water source right there outside our place.

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