Filipino-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez Makes it to American Idol Finale for Season 11 Top 2 vs Phillip Phillips

Woohoo!!! Jessica Sanchez makes it to the American Idol finale!!! Though was shocked to find out Joshua got eliminated. Hubby told me the news just awhile ago and was I surprised, happy and shocked all at the same time to know the results of the latest and crucial elimination of this AI season 11. I should not miss the finale all the more now that Jessica is part of it. Whether she wins the Idol title or not, I am already so proud of her at this point. You know how this finale show goes right?

All along I thought the producers will make Joshua Ledet win this competition. I was even thinking it might not be a surprise if Jessica will be eliminated today. But a twist like this brought so much pride in me in Jessica. With the news I heard at ABS-CBN on her having a sore throat prior to this latest performance though that was not mentioned on the AI show, I thought it would break her chance to make it to the finale.

She made it! Jessica made it to the finale!!! Being a Filipino and a mother, I have been rooting for this 16 year old girl since she made it to the Top 16 or so if I remember it right.

Jessica Sanchez got a standing ovation from American Idol judge Steven Tyler after she sang “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.” He said, “You just took a great song and made it greater!” To which American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez added how much that comment coming from Tyler himself should mean to Jessica. Lately I noticed how Tyler favors Jessica among the remaining contestants. I don’t know but that is just my own observation or I probably missed some other things.

Best of luck to Jessica Sanchez on the American Idol Season 11 Finale!!!

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