Starbucks and the Christmas Tree at SM Lanang Premier

Starbucks and the Christmas Tree at SM Lanang Premier in a photo I took through Instagram one afternoon when hubby and I stayed there for coffee while i was working online and waiting for time to fetch our little boy from school. I love this spot where you can see the tree from the floating cafe which Starbucks is located at the newest shopping and lifestyle hub in the city.

I also love their beautiful 40ft. Christmas tree! We were there during the Christmas launch where the lighting of this tree was the highlight of the event. Indeed we were awed with the beauty of this very tall Christmas tree at that time. People continue to take souvenir photos of the tree each day with family, friends, and colleagues.

Hope to be back soon here to enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee plus get another sticker for their 2013 planner and see this majestic and beautiful Christmas tree at SM Lanang Premier.


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