It is quiet right now and as I gaze on the full moon outside, I absorbed the peace and quiet. The little boy has fallen asleep after we finished his assignment to make him enjoy more the long weekend ahead. I did not go to sleep yet as I try to look for that fountain for the table that the little boy wanted us to buy at a certain bazaar a few days ago.

It would be nice to have a fountain inside the house for moisture, calming property and it creates positive energy according to feng shui. I have always been wanting to have one actually. As they say there is always a perfect place for a tabletop fountain no matter how big or small it may be inside the house. I tried browsing for tabletop fountains online and saw a large selection actually. I can only wish hubby will let us have one for our home this Christmas. Who knows his heart may be touched miraculously by an angel, right dad?

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