Wine Cart

This beautifully designed wine cart to serve guests their drinks is something that caught my attention when I passed by this section inside the Korean restaurant that is to open soon in one of the malls in the city. It would be nice to be serving rounds of wine and alcoholic drinks to guests in a party with this. I just thought and remembered someone who loves to drink when I saw this one.

It is nice if one does social drinking and I think everyone who drinks should be able to control. I think as long as one knows how to control their drinking, no one needs to end up in one of those rehab treatment centers spending some period of time in a full time, custodial care type, residential treatment center for therapy and education addressing alcohol addiction.When drinking gets out of control, stop it for it should just be for social drinking.

Anyway, this wine cart is really nice. I remember liking a table that looks as elegant as this one. It had more intricate designs while this one looks more modern. This is one beautiful wine cart indeed.

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