Someone asked me today if I do wear glasses. So far I can still see without glasses but there is a certain time in the month when I would experience concerns with my eye sight that often comes with symptoms of migraine. I may have to find time sooner or later to have my eyes checked. I have not done so for a very long time. I am open to the idea of wearing glasses but if I can live without wearing it every single day, I would like that.

If I really have to wear a pair of eye glasses upon recommendation of the eye specialist then I might just have to give in and listen. I just thought more about it as I found these cheap eye glasses at It made me think of my dear husband who actually needs to wear glasses more than I do since he used to be wearing a pair a few years before but stopped when he kept breaking the frame as he tends to forget when he places them on his pocket. I really hope he would go back to wearing glasses. It would help him see clearer especially when he takes photos that would become blurry and he won’t know it unless I tell him. I know having glasses would help him a lot.

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