The other night, my sister and I had a talk at the hospital while we were on watcher mode to our dad. Our talk touched the topic on how we as women can protect ourselves when we come home late at night. We are blessed that we have been safely going home since but we could never be complacent. When you listen to some of the news here in our country and in abroad, there are cases reported of crime against women.

It is said that it is better safe than sorry. So I told my sister that since she lives with our elder sister and their place is quite far from downtown and it is usually quiet there late at night. I suggested that she brings with her some protection like a pepper spray perhaps which is said to be one of the most effective self defense weapons that a person can carry around. It is legal in most places to carry such for self defense or protection. I ended our talk on this topic by telling her in any case, it is better to prevent chances of being harmed by not going out and going home late at night. Prevention is still better than being sorry. Take note though that you should only buy from an established and trusted leader in the world of self defense products.

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