My first time in Cebu to witness in person for the first their famous Sinulog Festival. My boss then tried twice to postpone this trip because of urgent matters in the office. At last after giving in to my boss’ request he also finally gave in to my request but then we were already penalized for rebooking our tickets I think twice or thrice. We’ll am sharing just a few of those photos (which does not include us so that we won’t destroy the scene hehehe…).


This is the first float we saw upon our arrival at Cebu City on the day of Sinulog Festival 2006. We really just arrived in Cebu and this photo was taken when were still on our way to the Ancestor hotel where we stayed.

This was one of the nice church in Cebu which we passed by while trying to find our way to the hotel coz most of the streets that time were closed due to the parade.

SM Cebu display for the Sinulog Festival.

This big replica of the Sto. Nino statue was displayed in one of the restaurants inside SM Cebu. It would have been better if they used the original statue but I think the cost of making this one is a lot cheaper. I think the one who made this is really talented and creative. Great work of art indeed!

Very colorful and festive display inside the mall. It really looks nice especially when you are inside the mall yourself.



Above are three creative and great Sinulog designs inside the Island Souvenir shop in SM Cebu. I really liked and find them so interesting that I really need to have a picture of them. We also bought t-shirts as our souvenirs and my they cost so much that it took us quite a long time to decide among the many wonderful shirt designs to make our money spent really worth it.



Taken during our side trip to see the Sinulog 2006 festival. We were looking for the Basilica which I thought this is already the one until I saw this sign. I wanted to go to the Basilica coz my friend told me that I should buy a Sto. Nino de Cebu from there. Unfortunately as it turned out, we arrived there late in the afternoon and we could no longer buy the statue from the church for they are already closed. Instead we bought one from the stalls outside which cost much more.

This was placed at the right of where we were standing all througout the mass since there were a lot people inside the church. The Sinulog festival also fell on a Sunday so there were

If you’re in Cebu this is one famous place you shouldn’t miss to visit – Magellan’s Cross.