I was literally born, raised, educated, worked, got married and started my own family here in Davao City. I have lived here for the past 30 years of my existence. I would probably spend the rest of my life here. I have never imagined myself to live anywhere as good and which I feel most at home than in Davao. I wanna travel to many places but I would still have Davao as my home city. Though there have been changes in the city of Davao most of which I am in favor of for the development and progress of our city but there are some changes which I somehow wish didn’t happen. But nevertheless, I would still prefer to live here.

Davao home to one of my favorite fruits – durian. We usually buy it from our “suki” manong Willy in front of Magsaysay Park. Yummy… smells like hell, taste like heaven. But I say for durian lovers out there, it smells like heaven and if you eat too much of it so often then most likely you would go straight to heaven too hahaha just kidding!

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